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Date & Time:
*Demo/Topic: Orgasmic Meditation demo with "OneTasteā„¢"
*Tonight:Friday, December 14th, at Paddles
*Time: 8:45 PM - 10:45 PM (doors open 8:45 PM)
*Address: #250 West 26th Street (Bet: 7th/8th Ave)
*Phone 646-319-2780

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The Presentation
Enhance the richness of your life by improving the quality and volume of sensation in your sex. Come to this lecture/demonstration to learn the fundamentals of Orgasmic Meditation, a practice in which two people put their full attention on one person's genitals and play with the orgasmic energy that exists between them. We will demonstrate the basic stroking techniques and how to extract the most amount of sensation and pleasure from every touch (for both partners). Audience will be invited to go on the orgasmic ride.

The Presenters:
OneTasteā„¢ is an organization founded three years ago in San Francisco with the intention of weaving the message of orgasm back into the world conversation and back into their bodies. OneTaste is dedicated to helping individuals live full, integrated and conscious lives and to expand the range of felt sensation. This evening will be led by sensitive, attentive facilitators who have dedicated themselves to living an orgasmic lifestyle.

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