eight ballz bath salt,Loco Motion Bath Salts and other in stock at bonus prices

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Top grade quality and prolonged effect baths salts.At exceptional prices on Bulk Purchases.

Relax and Soak away with Concentrated Bath Salts.
Just add a small amount to a hot bath to naturally soften the water which will leave you feeling very energized and euphoric.
This will your customers asking for more of your products.
Below is a list of our Top selling concentrated bath salts:

eight ballz bath salt 1000 mg @ 6$ per pack
Loco Motion Bath Salts 1000 mg @ 7 $ per pack
Revitalize Bath Salts 1000mg @ 7 $ per pack
Rave On Bath Salt 500mg and 1000mg @ 7 $ per pack
Raving Dragon Bath Salts
Crazy Train Bath Salt 1000mg @ 7 $ per pack
Fizz Concentrated Bath Salts 1000mg @ 7$ per pack
Bolivian Ivory Wave Recharge Bath Salts 1000mg @ 7 $ per pack
White Girl Concentrated Bath Salts 1000mg @ 6 $ per pack
Tranquility Concentrated Bath Salts 1000mg @ 7 $/pack
Lady Bubbles Bath Salts 1000mg @ $/pack
X Rated Bath Salts 500mg @ /pack
Ivory Smooth Concentrated Bath Salts @ 6$/pack
Blue Wave Bath Salts 1000mg @ 7
Bubbling 24 Bath Salts 1000mg @ 7 per pack
Blue Silk – Bath Salt 500mg @ 6 $ per pack
G Pheonix Bath Salts 1000mg 7$/pack
Bliss Concentrated Bath Salts 500m @ 6$ per pack
White Rush Bath Salts 1000mg @ 6$ per pack
Blue Magic – Bath Salts 500mg and 1000mg @ 6$ per pack

Minimum Order Quantity 50 packs

We have unlimited stock of the above shortlisted bath salts and sell them in packs ranging from 50 packs,100packs, 500 packs1000packs etc.The above price includes 24 hours express overnight delivery, guaranteed courier shipping and special delivery on same day on each 50 packs of any our bath salts. All shipment and payments is don here in the US . email us at sambabathsalts@gmail.com

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