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A new way to manage groups and projects
MyQuire.com at first glance looks like a competitor to Yahoo Groups. But upon closer inspection it's clear this site can do a lot more. It has the full social networking interfaces we come to expect with web-based applications. But underneath lies some very neat tools that, quoting the site help you "Get stuff done with people who share your passions". After reading a few blog reviews, and after looking at the big disclaimer on the site it's clear they just got started. Nevertheless, I started loading some of my critical files onto MyQuire, and created a group to keep up with all the people involved in an up-coming move I'm coordinated. This is looking very sweet (and good looking) and I hope these guys keep it up and continue developing the product. I have a hunch this thing is going to appeal to a pretty-wide audience. - David , posted 08/15/07
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