Brazilian Jeans, Lingerie, and other Brazilian goods direct to you.

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Brazilian Jeans, Lingerie, and other Brazilian goods direct to you.
in New York City
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The best prices on Top Quality Brazilian Clothing and goods
Hello I am Sean, and I currently reside in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Until recently I worked as a retail buyer for various online websites selling Brazilian made items.

I am now going independent and am opening up my services to those that desire quality Brazilian jeans, lingerie, bikinis, capoiera and ju jitsu gear, Etc.

I have extensive contacts throughout the country and can arrange for some of the best pricing in ANY QUANTITY (1pc - 100pcs) for your desired items.

Current Product Categories are:
Brazilian lowcut Jeans Wear starting @ $20
Lingerie and Brazilian ?Tanga? underwear starting @ $5
Bikinis and other Beachwear starting @ $15
Martial Arts (Capoiera articles, ju jitsu kimonos, Berimbau?s, Vale Tudo articles, etc)
Brazilian Futebol (Soccer) gear starting @ $25
Precious and Semi Precious Cut and Uncut Gemstones starting @ $ N/A
Brazilian and Amazon Herbal Products starting @ $20
Macumba, Candomble, and Voodoo Religious Items starting @ $10
Brazilian Coffee and teas starting @ $10
Wines and Aguadente (Cacha?a) starting @ $15
Brazilian Cigars starting @ $12
Brazilian Portuguese Magazines and Literature starting @ $5
Brazilian Adult Literature and DVD?s starting @ $10
(Example prices in US Dollars and do not include shipping costs)

If you are interested in any of these items contact me with a detailed description to include shipping address, quantity, sizes of any desired clothing articles, and colors. (Team names, Cigar brand or styles, Gemstones sizes weights, Religious item specifications, etc.)
Once I have received your request, I will reply within 24hrs with a quote to include shipping prices via Fedex, DHL, UPS, and Brazilian Discount courier SEDEX.

Upon your acceptance and payment via Paypal I will ship your order out within 24hrs. - zona_sul , posted 02/25/05
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