Gothic Cabinet Craft

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in New York City
276 McGuiness Blvd.
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Gothic Cabinet Craft: poor craftmanship and safety concerns
Do not buy a bed from this company! I recently bought a queen-size platform bed and not three weeks later the bed broke. Why? Because they used finishing nails on 1'' wood ledge that is supposed to support the weight of the matress and its occupants. Nails, especially finishing nails, are the WORST thing to use in terms of safety and support.

If this had been a child's bunkbed or -god forbid- a crib, this would have certainly resulted in severe injury or death. As is, my shoulder is killing me. (Mind you, I weigh 115 and my boyfriend weighs 180, and while this is well within limit of any weight restrictions on any kind of bedframe or mattress, I do not believe 40 finishing nails is sufficient enough support.) Parents: you have been warned.

And no, customer service has NOT been of any help thus far. Refunds are apparently not an option and I have to wait five days for someone to come a "inspect" my broken bed, and then attempt to repair or replace it. Personally, I don't want to sleep in anything made by these people. I highly recommend buying from a company who knows how to manufacture a safe piece of furniture and are willing to stand behind their work. Gothic Cabinet "Craft" is a terrible joke. - Gone , posted 04/08/06

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