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in New York City
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Unbelievable Middleterranean Cuisine!
I love this restaurant! Time and time again the chef shows his passion, skill, and love of his craft. From the crab meat salad to the foie gras (which is phenomenal by the way), the Branzino to the Beef Tchouma (braised short ribs), the food will seduce and please your palate. The fusion of Israel, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Italy, and France is completely organic, with a pleasing wine menu to accompany the food.

I know I sound like I am going overboard, but I have worked in this place for over a year, and I am continually impressed. I want to eat there all the time. Give it a try.

Located on 10th Ave and the NW corner of 52nd. Call (212) 713-0272 to make a reservation. - Susan , posted 05/23/05

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