empowerment coaching that works

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empowerment coaching that works
in New York City
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empowerment coaching that works
Several years ago I was blessed to meet Jeni. At the time I had no idea the impact she would have on my life. From the very beginning I felt so secure in her presence. I was able to speak openly and feely without judgment from her. Communication was always something I battled with in my life. Jeni has helped me tear down those barriers. She was my life coach before anyone used the term. To know Jeni is to know the true strength and beauty of a woman. Her life inspires and motivates me, as it does countless others. Her angelic voice and words fill the universe. Whether it is through song, affirmation or just her words of support, you are left feeling courageous and peaceful. ~Lori
contact jenifujita@earthlink.net to book a free 20 min consultation
- jeni , posted 04/30/05
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