got an electrician for you, he's reliable and honest (great combination) especially good for women o

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in New York City
(submitted by dana )

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Electrician for small jobs and carpenter/sheet rock handyman
Just got ripped off by a company . Please people always ask Co. for Plumber Lic. etc.
Note : lic. must be in cont. name., women there are a lot of smooth Contr.out there and they are waiting to rip your pockets out)
Anyway recently found an elect. to install. fixtures etc. He is very reliable.Can't top that one. I also know of a guy who does sheet rock. 5 stars for him. He is also reliable and polite.
Email me if you need such small jobs done around the house. PS/ They don't know yet that I have put their talents out. - dana , posted 04/19/06
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